Websites I visit.

The Cinema Snob For classy reviews of terrible movies.
Bad Movie Beatdown Where bad movies are..beaten down.
Loading Ready Run Skits, videogame news and Club Soda.
PHELOUS Movie Reviews by an irate Canadian.
Pusheen the cat. Pudgy feline adorableness.
The Spoony Experiment Hilarious game and movie reviews.
Zero Punctuation Gleefully scathing videogame reviews from a Brit in Oz.
That Guy with the Glasses Main Mirror/Host to many of the above.Below are some on-site faves:
Anime Abandon Bennett The Sage reviews 1990s anime.
Atop the Fourth Wall Linkara burns bad comics.And has a purdy hat.
Nostalgia Chick Nostalgic movies and cartoons get reviewed from a female perspective.
Nostalgia Critic Shows,Cartoons & movies over 10 years old are reviewed by the Site's founder.
Obscurus Lupa Presents Lupa presents reviews of bad movies in general.

Man my interests look limited. ¬.¬
Limited to COMEDY! :D
So now on to...

Webcomics I read.

Their Queen has terrible hygiene! D:

NSFW Set in a fictional world, this comic follows the lives of various citizens of Cumbria, with their ups, downs and roll arounds.

Random fact: I drew many of the early strips!

NSFW A slice of life comic that revolves around the employees of a Camera Store.

Secret Agents dealing with Fey threats. All in a day's work for the RCSI.

RATED PG13. An Urban Fantasy webcomic about fighting magic with distinctly unmagical swords.In Britain.

The cleanest comic to feature demons, incubi and succubi. What's up with that Amber?

RATED PG. It really has nothing to do with clowns.

A comic where the author threw together all his characters from previous projects but noone is who they were but yet ARE.WooOooo...!

RATED PG13? Follow the lives of some quirky College Freshmen.

Did I mention the cactus has a Scottish Accent? Let that sink in...

Rated R on account of the dildos that show up. It also has a talking cactus in it! And a dominatrix. They are not the main characters.

Coyote see's you,and just stole all your socks.

A very mysterious, somewhat gothic tale about a girl and the strange magics that surround her, her friends, and their school.

I know this guy! I met him! And his wife! Her comic is further up this list! Try to guess which it is! :D

RATED R due to some very suggestive dialogue. Also a polyamorous vegan.

Good luck, plucky reader!

Do NOT attempt to read ANYTHING on this site unless you have a LUDICROUS amount of free time at your disposal...and when you DO find that free time,by ALL means, especially if you want truly mind-bending tales of impossibility. The stories even have sountracks.

More Webcomics I read.

The Bald Woman featured here is not Lumia, but she's still pretty cool.

Rated PG13. One day Lumia finds out she is the heiress to the Throne of Knadds. She really wasn't expecting that.

If you're tired of pretty male protagonists, this is the comic for you!

RATED PG13? Pretty much what the title says...also funnier than you'd think.


Rated M due to strong language, violence towards hipsters and seagulls... y'know, all that good stuff. :B Just started reading this one but it's funny, nerdy and cameos some pretty awesome people in situations that aren't too far from the truth.

This comic features a lot of boobies and sexually suggestive situations.

NSFW Where the main character never gets any but everyone else does.

Warning: May contain drama!

RATED PG13. A slice of life about a sweet busty mouse-lady and her friends.

You don't need a crude, bombastic sense of humour to read this comic, but it helps!

NSFW The funniest, filthiest fantasy comic I've come across on the internet so far. So very very NSFW.

Not really all that much punching, or pie; but don't let that dissuade you!
RATED PG13? A very short, hot tempered, feisty twenty-something blonde is the main character do I really need to keep typing? Oh! Slice of life, humour, with a dash of drama.

Amigas, Transformers and the girl who loves them.

RATED PG13. A cute nerd-girl gets on the internet and then gets a job at a porn studio doing WEB-DESIGN, how crazy is THAT?

Any resemblence to characters from Dumbing of Age is completely intentional but that's another universe entirely.

Rated PG13? If you thought working at a toystore was boring you'd be right. But then you don't have these co-workers.

Put aside a weekend, you'll need it, but it's worth it.

Rated R due to... well... uh.
Slice of life comic about a bunch of people who are actually kind of mean. But in a funny way because it's not directed at you. Also has heart-string pulling moments.
(You have been warned)

The only Harem comic I know that's not produced by a Japanese artist.

NSFW due to varying degrees of Mature Content! Features supernatural elements, an adorable crossdresser, and a really tall lesbian.

The elf is a red herring,you'll have to sift through Goblins, Beholders and Drow before you get to the surface.

NSFW because occassionally evil boobies with nipples show up, but otherwise this is a delightfully funny fantasy comic and only really pulls out the nudity when it makes the most sense and it's meant to be tasteful.